Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Daily cuteness

This is my new favorite photo:

Bogdan has learned to shake hands. He started on Sunday at church, going around and around, shaking hands with everyone over and over. Yesterday he was in the stroller while Will met with someone, and he was very emphatic and enthusiastic about the fact that he had to greet the other person, too. And today he was shaking hands with all the babushki outside; they loved it.

He has also started "praying" before meals. I call it the vain repetitions of the heathen, but it sure is cute. He folds his hands, bows his head and babbles. I did ask him if he was thanking God. That made him add signing "thank you" to his little ritual, so maybe it became more than an empty ritual. The funniest is when he notices that meal time is getting close, so he's trying frantically to climb up into his seat: yelling, scrabbling at the chair, throwing himself against it... periodically he stops, quiets down, "prays," and then goes back to his loud frantic struggles.


Mom said...

With both rituals, perhaps there is more actual prayer going on than you realize. Love the daily glimpses...and love you, too!

Baba Julie said...

Funny! I would love to see him at all of these new "endeavors"! Love and Prayers for your time in Lugansk!

Bethany said...

HE IS SO CUTE! I'm glad I found you...I'm a fellow AOer! And I'm following you now! http://littlehomeschoolblessings.blogspot.com/