Monday, October 01, 2012

Poland pictures

As you probably know, Bogdan and I took a trip to Poland. We had a wonderful time! It was so much fun to actually meet Jeanne from Australia (and her mother) and spend more time with Karen and her family. I've "known" Jeanne for quite a while, and I've been working with her for over a year as part of the Ambleside Online Auxiliary; now I really do know her and love her in real life, too.

Bogdan and I went on an overnight train to Kiev, and then we flew from there to Katowice in Poland. Jon and Karen picked us up there (and we saw deer on our drive back to Krakow. I think the deer are one of my favorite parts of Poland. ) Jeanne and her mother arrived the next day. On Saturday Karen took us on a walking tour of the old center of Krakow. Sunday we went to their church, where I enjoyed talking to all the people who remember us from our visa trips and are so kind and friendly. Then we went to the Jewish quarter, ate a nice lunch, walked around, and went on a driving tour that included a suburb that was built as a communist showcase. Monday we went to Auschwitz. I don't know what to say about that; I did not enjoy it, but it was worth seeing. That evening we had a group Skype call with our mutual friend, Leslie: fun! And then the next day we started our long treks back home. I don't think I can even express how good it was for me to be able to go on this little vacation! I haven't talked and laughed that much for a long time.

Phyllis, Karen, Jeanne
The cathedral in Wawel Castle 
Jewish restaurant
Bogdan and Jeanne
The rest of my photos from the trip are here....

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Baba Julie said...

Wonderful pictures! So glad that you and Bogdan had such a nice time! Love you all!