Sunday, November 25, 2012

Advent plans

I am going back through old blog posts, remembering and getting ready for my beloved time of year.

I have alternated between New Testament and Old Testament (Jesse Tree) focus. This year is New Testament, but I don't want to do the same preschool list I have in the past. Bogdan's still too young for it, and the others might not be too old, but they're old enough to move on. (I think I'll ask them to arrange it for Bogdan in 2014.) So, instead we are going to study the names of Jesus. We'll probably mostly just light candles and read the verse associated with the link on the chain for that day, although some of the ideas at the linked list might work for us. Maybe I'll let them each make their own chain, like this and this? That would cut out nightly arguments about who gets to remove a link.

We'll also have Advent wreath and poem or song and weekly themes, like last year. I think I'll get them each an Advent "journals" to copy or draw or paste something into each night. That's sounds grown-up, and even if it's not right up Jaan's alley, the girls will love it.

And now I'm humming Адвент наступает....

(Edited to add this link: ornaments that go with the names of Jesus, to use if we do this again another year.)

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Baba Julie said...

I love the idea of studying the names of Jesus! Learning all the names of Jehovah my freshman year of Bible college were a real encouragement to me. They still come to mind often. Of course, at that time, Jehovah Jirrah (sp) was the one most called upon by all of us poor college students!! Love y'all! Please give BIG hugs from Baba Julie all around!!