Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 6?

I guess this was Week 6 in our school? I've been going by Raia's readings in order to number our weeks, and she's mostly through Year 1, Week 6. Anyway, it felt really good to be back on our (mostly) regular schedule.

Jaan had a very rough week with music school. He loves piano lessons and his piano teacher, but the group classes are just hard for him. I think we've gotten past the current problem, though. Please do pray for him on Thursdays and Fridays still. School at home went great, as usual. Jaan really does enjoy it. Lately he's been begging for extra math pages. I'd like to write more about how I've changed my organization of his daily/weekly work, but not now.

Raia finally figured out subtraction this week. Well, she's been doing it, but with great fear and not much understanding. This week we started doing it with sunflower seeds: "Minus means eat them!" She's also reading better and better. She's not awake to ask, but I think she would say that A Midsummer Night's Dream was the highlight of this week for her.

Asya has been determined to learn English lately, and her attempts are so cute! She's always asking how to say things in English, and then using her new knowledge, so she's going to make lots of fast progress.

Watching the garbage truck
Bogdan is changing a lot, too. He's saying (Mama, Papa, бай-бай, нет, 'ельзя, ляля...) and signing (caterpillar, more) a few new words now. He's obsessed with dolls--but he plays with them like a boy--and markers.

We're still trying to find our rhythm in this new place, but having at least something of our usual routine does help anchor us. We'll continue easing back up to a full schedule again in the week ahead.


Mom said...

Thankful for your return to a semblance of normal...greatly appreciative of the school report. We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Thanks for the update, Phyllis! We know that things have been hard for you all with this move. Good to see that you and the children are able to get back to a somewhat normal schedule.

The picture of Bogdan with the doll on the truck is priceless! Just like a boy! You know Will had a big red headed doll named Amy. He loved that doll and she looked like a boy had gotten ahold of her, too!! (:

Betsy de Cruz said...

Congratulations on reaching week 6! Keep at it! We're at week 9. In fact I just gave my high schooler's report cards! Never did before, but I guess they need to know how they're doing... I miss the days you describe.