Saturday, April 19, 2014

After the busyness

I think the busyness is slowing down now. Will is coming home today. We had thought that he wouldn't make it back until late tomorrow, but he was able to change his ticket, and so we'll have Easter together.

I thought I'd share some of our week in list format, and then (hopefully) I can post photos and videos later:
  • Last Saturday: morning - children's Passion Week event at church, Will left for Uzhgorod; afternoon - our girls had choir practice; evening - fellowship time with another family (and we stayed out too late!).
  • Sunday: morning - church; afternoon - "Inter-confessional Procession" through the center of the city. Apparently this is a yearly event, in honor of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. This year it was really a big deal and took on an extra meaning of unity and peace for the whole country of Ukraine, too. Here is a news article about it and a shorter video by someone we know; in this very long video, you can see us walk by around the 7 minute mark and then jump to 33 minutes. Since I didn't have our camera with me, I took one photo from someone's Facebook page:

  • Monday: Before Will left there was a flurry of reports for sponsors that urgently needed to be translated. He got through most of them, but had to leave some for me. So, we skipped school while I worked hard on that. Jaan had a rehearsal for his upcoming concert that afternoon.
  • Tuesday: Jaan had a dress rehearsal for the concert, which meant finding a new-to-us location, buying a new shirt and more, but he did well with all of it. That night Bogdan hardly slept at all. Ugh. I need my sleep.
  • Wednesday: the concert! Jaan did wonderfully. (Video later.) Bogdan did not. It was a very long concert, and he behaved fine, but he felt awful. His staying up all night the night before must have been a sign that he was getting sick, because by the time the concert started he was feverish and miserable.
  • Thursday: recovery from the concert. And in the evening we made unleavened bread and talked about the Last Supper.
  • Friday: Jaan was sick now, too, but we had a nice day. In the evening we read the second to last part of Lenten Lights, and went to bed in the dark. Our light switches are still "sealed," just like Jesus' tomb. Bogdan is actually talking about Jesus this year; I love it.
  • Saturday: choir practice for the girls, rest for the boys, and Papa is coming home!
Like I said, I'll add pictures and video from some of these events in separate posts later. Then I'll fill in links to those here.


Mom said...

Thank you for the glimpses of your week...even without photos we see meaningful busyness. So glad Will is on his way home.

We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Yes, thank you! It is good to sort of be able to "be there with you". He is Risen! Love you all!