Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A theme?

On the second day of writing quick notes, I think I see a theme: "I planned..., but...." We did have another lovely morning of school. Then we came in. I had planned to use quiet time to work on turning my rough notes from Saturday's board meeting (exciting stuff! starting to build homes for kids who grow out of Tsyurupinsk orphanage) into real meeting minutes. However, our power is off, so I "had to" read instead. It's a hard life. And I did more school with Raia, since she came back from her balalaika lesson, begging for me to read to her.

By the way, I wrote this on my Kindle. He protested, but eventually cooperated.


Mom said...

Some of those "I planned, but..." days are real gems...especially when you can hold your plans loosely and see the changes as gifts (and I think you have cultivated that attitude.

I do enjoy these daily snippets; hearing your "voice" is joy indeed. Much love to all....

Baba Julie said...

I agree with your mother. "Holding plans loosely" has to be the mantra for the homeschool mom and for the Christian, overall. (Not always easy, on my part!) But, what a lovely way for an interrupted day to end! Lots of love to each of you!