Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camp photos

We've been slowly looking through the album of camp photos online. This one made us laugh out loud:

What on earth was she saying? Or doing? And then we saw. Yes, that's Jaan in the very edge of the foreground. Of course.

There's also a great series of Raia and "Bogdan's Anya" on the trampoline, starting here; click on them to move through them. (Anya teaches Bogdan's Sunday school class, and he adores her. Raia got to have Anya for her counselor this year. We all love Anya!)

There are plenty of other good photos in there, too. I'll try to pick out highlights to share here, if I have time. For now, just two more random shots that include Jaan and Asya:

Plus, here are links to the group photos and individual portraits.

Our kids had such a wonderful time at camp, and the camp photographer did a great job of capturing so much of the fun!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! The colors just pop! And beautiful children!

Baba Julie said...

What a great "capture" of a wonderful week of camp!! Those are memories they will treasure forever! Love you all!