Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Just chatting

Right now I have one four-year-old napping (ours), but I still have one chattering at me (neighbors'). She is very concerned that some day her Bobo is going to go away to that place where Jaan and Raia and Asya are, and she really, really, really loves Bobo, you know? And when will Bobo ever wake up? Very cute and sweet. Bogdan has been much happier today, with her around!

Yesterday he was happy, too, though. He went to work with Papa, he says. He worked and worked and worked at the office. (What is it with four-year-olds and repeating words three times over? And asking questions; why do they do that? Why? Why? Why? )

While Bogdan was working so hard yesterday, I got to travel with Alys and a team visiting her to go around to the institutions where boys who have aged out of "our" orphanage live now. I'll probably write more about that later.

Photo from the picnic, by David
Last night when we talked to Asya, I asked her if she wanted us to come bring her home, and she was horrified at the very thought. She has gotten over all her fears of sleeping out in a tent, without Mama.


Anonymous said...

So thankful Asya is enjoying camp. Now you can enjoy the rest of the week without being concerned - mamas do that, you know. Such a character building experience - Facing your fears and and experiencing victory!

Mom said...

Delightful transformation in Asya's perception...and the neighbor's perception of "her Bobo" is precious.

Much love to you!

Baba Julie said...

Yes, LOVE the picture of the little neighbor girl talking to you about Bobo! And, so happy that Asya seems to be enjoying camp so much!! Love you all!

Michele Womble said...

Hi, Phyllis! Just visiting and wanted to say hi!