Monday, April 04, 2016

Agape school, session 4 of 5

I just got back from another session of Agape school. Again, I have to say that I am so glad I can study there this year. This time first three days were with one teacher, and then we had two days with another. The first part was about psychology and child development. Honestly, I didn't like that part. The information wasn't anything new to me, and the style and viewpoint were... not for me. But then the second teacher came. I already knew that I like his message, because I've heard him before and read most of his book; in my mind at least, he's the Karyn Purvis of Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed his workshops and lectures and came away encouraged.

We also had a little more free time than usual, and even less sleep, too. The first evening I went out with fellow students, then left them and went to visit an American mom and daughter who are here to adopt. Wednesday evening (I think?) we walked through the center again and saw the main landmarks. And Friday I even got out while it was still light to walk around with a big group, before getting on a train that night to head home.

While I was gone, spring came to Kherson! Will posted a few lovely photos for me while I was away, and so I'll share those with you now. It's very wonderful to be home now.


Baba Julie said...

So glad you had another wonderful training! And, it sounds like you had a good time getting out and seeing things, too. And, you were able to get out to see (and help, if I know you) an adopting mom while you were there. Quite a week!

Spring in Kherson is quite lovely, as well! I'm so happy that you all have that to enjoy. Ours is SO BEAUTIFUL!! It is one of the many things I've always appreciated about living here. Spring is LOVELY!! Love to each of you!!

Mom said...

Thank you for posting; we know you are happy to be home and everyone is thrilled to have you back. Much love.