Friday, March 25, 2016


I have talked about the homes for kids who age out of the Tsyurupinsk orphanage before. It's our friend's big project, and I've been able to help her some along the way, so far. It's something I'm really excited about, too. Last weekend we actually got to the point of breaking ground for the boys' home. Alys posted some of the photos that I took and what I told her about the ceremony. I was sad that she couldn't be here for the big day, but so excited to see this actually moving forward! Soon she'll be back in Ukraine, and then the first of the work teams will be coming. Already work is underway: the official groundbreaking was on Saturday, and work started for real on Monday!

I like the beauty of the top photo, with the sky and the moon, but the second has a few of our children in it. I didn't get many with them included, because I was so focused on documenting everything for Alys. There is this, though:

It was really a beautiful day. Cold air, bright sun, snow flurries (!), and lots of great fellowship and encouragement. One aspect that was kind of fun--and definitely a little bit strange--was that I've been the one from our family involved in this project. We arrived, and instead of people asking Will if he had a sermon ready, as would have been the standard for any other village visit we've ever been on, they asked if I was speaking. I got to introduce my family to all the people I know from board meetings and other work. Please pray for this building project, for Alys and Sasha as they head it up, and for the young people who will eventually live there. There's still a long road ahead.


Mom said...

Rejoicing here!

Baba Julie said...

Praise the Lord for using Alys, Sasha and YOU in this way!! What a blessing to see this coming to fruition! Love you, Julie

Anonymous said...

Sorry for breaking into your personal space. We are helping orphans and hope you will follow us. Just follow the link and do a good deed!