Thursday, October 13, 2016

Asya's art birthday

Back when it was actually Asya's birthday, I wrote that she got to celebrate with her friends at art school. Since then, the art school put up a few pictures of the big day, and then they published the whole collection of all their photos. I chose a few of the best, especially the ones of our own nine-year-old, and brought them over here. The first is from before the party, while she was at class on her birthday, and then the rest are of the big event. It was all so beautiful and fun and delicious!

By the way, Asya's culinary class made some of the refreshments for the party that day, too. Her teacher there is very faithful about posting photos; did you see the ones from last week? So cute!

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Mom said...

Quite a party! Asya looks both beautiful and happy. Your children enjoy times of celebration, and that brings us delight as well.

We love all of you.