Monday, May 28, 2018

Robot contest

This is from March, which of course is well before the month of May that I wanted to write about, but photos and videos didn't really come out until April, and then somehow it was already May. And, since we're having internet trouble, it's easier to use what's already uploaded, so this is what we get today.

March 31 was the second Kherson robot battle. You may remember the first? Jaan has continued to love his robotics classes, and this time he won the contest! Raia skipped art class to cheer him on. Bogdan was there since he is Jaan's shadow, and some of Jaan's church theater friends came, too. I like how this photo of mine matches up with what the official photographer got:

(The first robot battle was held in the old gym at a physics school, where the--ironic!--problem was no electricity. This time it was a fancy car dealership where the bright sunshine and shiny floors confused the robots.)

It was pretty exciting at the end, because Jaan had actually placed fourth and was fine with that. He was already off doing something else when they called him back up to compete in the final rounds for first through third places. One of those robots had broken down, so his took its spot... and won!

Here is the official video from the contest, and there are photos here and here and elsewhere, if you keeping scrolling through Robohouse. This is what I posted on Facebook right afterwards, too.

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Anonymous said...

Very COOL!! Congratulations, again, JAAN!! Wow! Love you! Baba Julie