Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our picnic

Yesterday's concert was amazing. It's hard to believe that Jaan has really graduated from music school!

And our internet is fixed. Nice.

Today we have photos from May 9. Remember last year's Victory Day picnic? This year we were so excited to go again. Then, at the last minute it was called off because of an early-morning thunderstorm. The message from the church said that they had to cancel renting the buses, but anyone who had their own transportation and wasn't afraid of the weather could still go. We don't have our own transportation, but we're not afraid. Plus, we had all our food prepared and some very disappointed children. So, once the storm rolled past, we set out.

The very first thing we found when we got to the forest was a beautiful, bright green lizard.

While we were observing the lizard and resting, Will noticed that a dead tree seemed to be making noise. Something was scratching around inside it and squeaking and chittering. He called the kids close to watch and take pictures. When he pulled the bark back bunches of bats flew out at us!

Most of them flew away right off, but two didn't. We were afraid they were hurt, but no, they were just very sleepy. And maybe they were babies? After a while they did wake up and take off.

Then we walked on to the same picnic spot as last year. Some were hoping that others from church would be there, but no one else showed up. At least, not at that place. We had a wonderful day with just our family, though.

Do you see Jaan?
When it was time to go home, we headed out to the highway. I was hoping there would still be marshrutki running, and I think Will was trying to figure out how to get a taxi to find us. Raia and Asya sang all the songs they know at the top of their voices while climbing on the bus stop shelter.

After we had waited a while, a friend's van flew by. I recognised it, but Valentine wasn't behind the wheel, so I wasn't sure. He was resting in the passenger's seat, though, while his friend drove back from their dacha, and he saw us. They turned around, came back, and gave us a ride to the city. That was a very nice end to a very nice day!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Jaan!! What an accomplishment to have graduated from music school and to have become as accomplished a pianist as he is!! Also, love seeing more of the picnic pictures!! That's just fabulous about the bats!! And, I'm amazed at how you all just go somewhere and find rides home! You are much more brave and adventurous than I am!! Love to you all!! Baba Julie