Thursday, February 20, 2020

A little more

(I just like this one.)
My doctor decided that I need an MRI to be completely sure that my brain is still clear before I can be officially done with treatment. Will and I will go to Kyiv on March 2 to have that done. The doctors will meet that same day, and we'll have our consultation with my doctor then, instead of by telephone, like we were thinking.

One of my biggest questions is about the remaining tumors and lymph nodes. All we know is that the PET scan results are "good." But when I look at the results, it seems to me that there are still active lymph nodes. Some tumors are still there, but they are apparently inactive and shrinking, which is very good. Of course, I'm not a doctor, and I really can't understand what I see in the results.

I recently started reading a book called The First Cell (and the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last). It seems that we're not pursuing to the last, and I like that. Everything is going in the right direction, and immunotherapy often keeps working even after treatment, so we can stop now. There haven't really been terrible "human costs" in my journey so far. It's been hard, of course, but I don't feel like they are killing me to kill the cancer. Let's keep it that way! It would just be nice to hear that the cancer is completely gone, though.

Also, at the very same time that we were starting to wrap all this up, the GoFundMe campaign for me reached its goal. You all are so utterly amazing and generous! I can't even express how thankful we are. I haven't said much about it, because I just haven't known what to say, and because you have given me the luxury of not having to even think about money. It has been wonderful to not worry about the financial side of all this. The estimate was for a year of immunotherapy, and now it looks like we're finishing up at more like nine months than a year; there is more than we needed! However, the hard reality is that such advanced metatastic cancer usually comes back. We will keep that money set aside, in case of further treatment...and pray hard that we never have to use it. (Except for follow-up scans that come out completely clean. )


Mom said...

Dad still looks back with some amusement at the day when he was told there was "nothing in his head." We pray the same for you. As do you, we stand amazed at the outpouring of love--and humbled by the sacrifice represented by gifts small and large. Not only does this speak of the impact you have had on many lives, it serves to remind us of God's complete faithfulness despite difficult circumstances. We are rejoicing.

How we love you!

Unknown said...

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Baba Julie said...

Thank you so much for posting this detailed update! We are overjoyed to hear this news. We will continue to pray as you go to have the MRI and wait for the results. We are THRILLED! We praise God for HIS hand of healing and for using those wonderful doctors and all the friends and loved ones who have helped in so many ways! We love you all!!

Dawn said...

This is wonderful to read, dear Phyllis. Will continue to be in prayer, particularly with respect to the coming March 2 MRI. Much love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

SO happy for you and yours, Phyllis! We will keep praying for a complete recovery to health for you.


Unknown said...

Phyllis, we love you and your family so much! I'm sorry I never comment, but I do keep up with you and your situation, and pray for you all the time!! Rejoicing with you on the good news, and of course will continue to pray <3 p.s. I like that pic too :-)