Saturday, February 29, 2020


We've had a normal, busy week.

There was a wild wind storm to start the week off.

Will had to do some running around to work on our residency.

Thursday was a musical day, with Asya competing in a flute contest and Bogdan required to attend a special bandura concert. Both events were lots of fun.

Friday our neighbour was fixing storm damage on our roof, and our kids got to help him. While they were doing that, we tried--unsuccessfully--to turn in our residency applications and documents.

Tomorrow Will and I go to Kyiv for my MRI and to wrap up my treatment at the clinic.


Photos are from back when we were in Kraków. I wrote about Wednesday before; here is Thursday:

We met up with our friends on the central square to go to a museum there.

I also experienced this, but no one took photos. I loved it. There were so many pigeons that I thought they would crush me! Their man ground a handful of grain down into my hair, and I didn't get the last crumbs out until evening.

But, the museum.... It's located under the square, and it shows the history and archeology from right there. It was Bogdan's favourite part of the whole trip. Most of it was dark-ish and photography isn't allowed, but I got these two photos in the children's room and on the way out, where you can see archeological digs under the floor. We almost couldn't drag Bogdan away.

Then, back up on the ground level, we listened to the trumpeter. That was very important to Asya. I have a video from her to post later.

We had lunch with our friends, then said goodbye to them and set out to find the Harry Potter cafe that Raia's art school friend had told her about. We knew what street it was on, and thought that would be enough. Hah. We walked all the way down it, then back up, asking people and looking at every building. It was getting dark and starting to rain. At one point Raia ran ahead of us, trying to follow a map on my phone. That led her to a spot on the sidewalk, with no cafe in sight. After at least three times passing it, we finally we found it, down a hallway to a courtyard and in a basement. It was worth the search! Our kids enjoyed it so much. They tried butterbeer and took tons of pictures and just revelled in being there.


Mom said...

Thank you for the update and the photos--both are greatly appreciated. I am praying, praying as you go to Kyiv. We send our love to each precious one in your family.

Baba Julie said...

Love the pictures and your descriptions! Praying for you all as you travel, for the MRI and for the meeting w/ doctors! We love you all!

Lindy Johnson said...

Loved hearing more about your trip to Poland. Fun family time. I spent some time with your parents this week! We had fun at Epcot and then another visit for lunch. Hoping the travel and MRI are easy and positive.

daisy said...

If I get to go to Poland, I want to know all about these places yippy visited so I can take me kids, too! What an adventure. Toy are all in my prayers. Safe travels tomorrow and may God's peace rest upon all of you.

daisy said...

Also my phone thinks the words "yippy" and "toy" are much more fun than the word you and randomly replaces "you" with them, without my consent, when I neglect to pay close attention.