Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Bad dog :-(

Yesterday when I was walking back from getting drinking water, a little dog jumped out and bit my leg quite badly. We cleaned the bite, soaked it, and did what we could, but I had a fever off and on through the night. So, this morning we went to the nice doctor who treated me when I had bronchitis. She sent me on to a surgeon, not for surgery, just because this isn't her specialty.

The surgeon was also really nice and actually did exactly what I would have wanted, if I could have chosen in advance. He said that he could put drainage (tubes?) in the wound, prescribe antibiotics, vaccines. But, since he didn't want to torture me and didn't want to cause any more reactions, he would wait and see. He cleaned everything out really well and showed us how to continue caring for it at home. We have both doctors' personal phone numbers now, and we're supposed to call if it gets worse. He said that the next few days will show how it's going to go and if we need to do anything more.

So...please pray that everything will just heal up really well.

We're supposed to stay in contact with the dog's owner to make sure that she stays healthy. If she dies soon, they'll assume rabies and send me for shots; we're definitely hoping that won't happen! The owner says that she just bites. She's bitten him, and he didn't get sick. That's good news for me, but why does he keep her?!?! (UPDATE: good news. Will went back again to the house where the dog lives, and this time he got the wife, not the husband. The dog is her baby, not his, and she was able to tell Will that all its shots are up to date, so rabies is not a concern at all.)

I can limp-walk pretty well, and I feel fine now. Like I said, please pray for good healing and thank God for these good doctors.

Our kids are doing great at camp. Jaan's and Bogdan's groups won the big game yesterday, and here they are getting their prizes for that today:


Mom said...

Ugh! I'm thankful you received good care and praying for quick and uneventful healing. Please keep us updated. Much love to you....

Baba Julie said...

Oh, Phyllis! I am so sorry to hear this!! Abby got bitten quite badly a number of years ago when she first moved to CO. It was pretty scary. I think they finally took the dog away, but, like this one, it didn't have rabies, PTL!! We will be praying that it heals well!! Love you!!