Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Random Christmas photos

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!
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More coming soon. (I hope.)


BabaJulie said...

Hi! I love that picture! We used to do "Baby Jesus" cakes, too, when they children were little. I also did them at school with my kindergarteners. Jaan and Raia look like they enjoyed it!! Hugs and Kisses!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaww...what a darling pic of you and the kids with Jesus' b-day cake. Ours was gingerbread this year and Jared and Caleb decided they had to have the candles in the shape of a J for Jesus. We put real whip cream on after blowing out the candles.

Are those ginger bread people on top of yours? Was your cake gingerbread too?! If so I would love to have the recipe. I cheated this year and used a box mix :::embarrassed:::

Phyllis said...

Our cake is always a carrot cake. Yes, those are gingerbread people. We had extras, so we used them. :-) My Mom had a mini nativity set that we always put on when I was little. Now I just make something each year.

Anyway, gingerbread recipe. . . I just used one off the internet. It was okay, and I can give it to you if you want. Jennie's going to send me hers soon. Maybe it will be better.