Saturday, December 10, 2005

Strength for the weary

This morning when Raia woke me up and I stumbled out into the living room for my quiet time with the Lord (and Raia), I was so tired that I could barely get my eyes open. I remembered that I had been encouraged by Isaiah 40:29 recently, so I went to meditate on those verses. I know verse 31, but I just really noticed the verses before it recently for the first time.

From there we've gone on to have a very nice day. There's a beautiful, fresh snowfall that Jaan and I have already enjoyed. We're going to go back out again after nap. The sky has even been a little bit blue, with the sun peeking out at times!

And when I was working on a Gospelink application for a new family with ten children, I discovered that the mother's favorite verse was the passage that encouraged me this morning!


Anonymous said...

Honey--You continue to make me profoundly grateful for the focus, strength, and witness you express even as I pray for physical rest for you. Rather than making your life more difficult, I do hope you will allow us to help when we come. We love each of you!

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! God does give strength for the weary, doesn't He? I know you will enjoy having your parents there and do let your mom and dad be of help to you! Wish we could be there, as well!! (Wouldn't THAT be a crowd!!!) (: Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Phyllis that is amazing about the verses! There are no coincedences only God!

I love how much you love nature it is so beautiful to read about. Growing up without TV I believe has made you so much more aware and appreciative of God's creation and beauty all around us. Your love of God's creation and reading about it always remindes me of Mother Gavrilla's love and devotion. Her life story is really moving and made me so much more aware of all of Gods creation.

I am glad you are enjoying the snow and your children in the snow. I really dread it! We have tons of snow right now and I am thinking twice about even taking the baby (1.5 months old) out in this cold to church in the morning.) I pray I could find a way to LOVE winter like you do! You are such an outdoorswoman! You are an ideal Charlotte Mason mother! God Bless you!