Monday, April 10, 2006

Dyslexic speech?

Jaan has kept everyone laughing lately with his talent for mixing up syllables in words. He's finally getting to where he can saw луна (moon) instead of на-лу. He has quite a list of other words that he says all mixed up, though:
Лопата (shovel) is по-та-та.
Велосипед (bicycle) is со-по-лед.
Работа (work) is ба-то-та.
Капуста (cabbage) is па-ту-та.

This next one isn't backwards, but it is cute. We've really been working on having him play gently with Raia. Will always tells Jaan to "be sweet." Last night I bumped Jaan's arm really hard while I was scooting him up to the table. Before I could even apologize, he firmly said, "Mama, no-no! Be fweet."


BabaJulie said...

How precious! I don't really understand the Russian, but they are so cute at this age, aren't they? (Somehow this is easier for me to see in retrospect!!) Glad you all seem to be doing well!

Abby had her audition for youth orch yesterday and it was the best ever. She was very pleased! Now, we'll try to talk Ernest into telling us how she really placed!! (Otherwise, we have to wait until June!) Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I love the shovel mix-up, since it comes out sounding like a potato. I'll read the others to mom, so that she'll hear why it's funny.

amazing journeys said...

How cute!!! I wonder if Christian will come up with something similar :) It would be hilarious! We used to do it when we were kids and just wanted to be funny, but here in Slovene there are some wards that get us pretty confused. Like Russian "Uchebnik" is actually "uchbenik" here! Go figure... :)