Monday, April 24, 2006

Easter photos

Whew! I tried off and on all day to get this posted. Then it went through twelve times just now. I think I've gotten got it all straightened out. . . .

Christ is risen indeed! We had a wonderful day yesterday. This was the first cloudy Easter that I've seen in Russia. It even snowed a little. Our celebration inside was just as bright as if the sun had been shining, though. There were several visitors, along with everyone who is usually at church. Afterwards we all had tea and more fellowship time together.

Our cuties
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The Three Musketeers
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This photo is becoming a tradition. Unfortunately, Mark was home with chicken pox, but Andrusha was there to stand in for him. I realize it looks a little like a triple mug shot, but do you know how hard it is to get three two-year-olds to stand together and still? Much less smile all at one time! If you want to see how the boys have grown, go back to last year’s photo and then be sure to click on the year before, too.

(Hmm, maybe an Easter haircut is a tradition, too? I didn't even think about it until I looked at the old pictures, but Will gave Jaan a haircut before church yesterday, just like last year.)


Anonymous said...

They are soooooo cute!!!! Raia looks just like a doll in this picture and Jaan looks so grown up. Give them both a kiss for me and give yourself a hug for me if you can (if not have Will do it). Love you!

amazing journeys said...

They really are cute! Wow, the pictures from last years are awesome too! When was Jaan born? It almost seems to me he's about a year older than Christian...Thanks for the pics!