Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back in the world of computers!

Thanks to my parents and the generosity of friends at Circle Community Church, we have a new computer! In fact, this is my first post using it. We've been able to recover our address book, so our communication difficulties are over. Almost everything else is gone, though. We're in a lot worse shape in the photo department than I had thought. The last backup I can find is from 2004. I'm having a hard time with that. Photos are my main earthly treasure; I have to keep reminding myself that that's all they were: an earthly treasure. Earlier I quoted a hymn. Today in my Bible reading I saw the verse that is the basis for the chorus of that hymn: "Yet will I rejoice in the Lord. . . " (Habakkuk 3:18). How well that applies!

I also have great news! I had asked for prayer for the Egorov family a while ago. Nadya Egorova is finally out of the hospital. Their unborn baby survived, and Nadya herself is healed from her head injuries. Volodya is walking again, and they're getting back into their busy ministry. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying.

Nadya Egorova
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I have a few more Sudogda photos that I want to post, with help from my parents. Then I hope to give some glimpses of the day camp we had here and the congress we went to in July, and after that I hope I'll get back to sharing regular photos and stories from our daily life.

Here's a sweet moment: as I was writing this, Jaan and Raia were eating a snack. I had given Jaan blueberries, one of his absolute favorites. They were just for him; Raia had something else. Well, she started pointing at his berries, so he sweetly prompted her to "say please." Then he started feeding her blueberries, one by one, making her say (sign) "please" for each one.


BabaJulie said...

Phyllis - I am so happy for God's goodness and mercy on the Egorov family!! I will share this with the church family at GBC! Thank God for His answer to prayer!!

And, please tell Jaan and Raia that blueberries are BabaJulie's new favorite fruit!! (Well, next to grapefruit!) You know I've never been a real fruit fan. Well, this summer blueberries have been on sale so much that I've acquired a real LOVE for them!! I REALLY like them (and grapefruit!)! Isn't that funny? So, when I see them next, we will eat blueberries together!! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

not all your photos are lost, you still have many wonderful photos here on your blog

Anonymous said...

What glorious proof that all your work to train Jaan in sharing is seeing real fruit (pun intended)....That is a precious story indeed.

Do you get enough blueberries that you can freeze some for the times when they are out of season? I remember how you and Leetra used to love frozen ones on your cereal.

amazing journeys said...

Praise the Lord about Nadya!
I'm sorry about the photos...:(

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Phyllis about the pics. When I was 12 our house burnt to the ground and I lost almost all physical memories of my childhood including pics. Extended family members have been able to share some pics of me when I was little but of course it's very limited compared to what my Mom would have taken! I had to remember the same thing about them being earthly treasures. Although, it is hard in the flesh to not grieve the loss. Praying the Lord continues to give you peace about it all.

PLT for answered praying on the dear family you asked us to lift up to the Lord!!!

Borbe Bunch said...

Hi Phyllis,
Yes, I remember you...I have been to your blog from time to time, a link from Debi Criss.
It seems as though God is really using you and your family.
Being a mommy is a JOY, hard at times and a definite growing experience, but God given and a blessing. Your little ones are just all the pics, aren't they fun :)
Thank you for your prayers for Ezra, he truly is a miracle and our GIFT :) all children are for Ezra, God has and continues to use him to show us God's goodness and complete control of ALL things...
Liz :)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your photos. I would feel the same way you do.

Glory be to God for all your good news!!

Anonymous said...

ps. A missionary friend of ours died today. They live in Albania. Please pray for her dh and her two young children. Thank you.

Phyllis said...

Anonymous, thanks for the reminder!

Mom, we've already frozen a bunch of berries. :-)

Lisa, I'm praying. . . .