Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ivan Petrash, the director of camp ministries here, told us about this article. We thought those of you who read Russian might be interested.

The reason that this is particularly interesting is that it's a clear example of the power that one person can wield here if he has the right contacts. One person, acting on the basis of a personal grudge, can get away with outright slander and harm the reputation of a local church, a regional ministry, and a nation wide denomination!

This person has given interviews in local papers, on local radio stations, and culminated with an interview on the government-sponsored regional news channel. The interesting thing here is that if something is in print, on the radio, or especially on the news, very few people will question the truthfulness of the content. Pray that the local pastor involved and the regional Baptist church union would be protected from true harm, and that God would make the truth of this matter known to the whole region.

(Note from Phyllis: In looking for an online translator to recommend here, I just discovered that our friend Evelina wrote about this same article a while ago. She also has a very funny post about an electronic translator. I'll translate the Russian back into English: "My (male) cat gave birth to four kittens, two yellow, one white, and one African-American." )


Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can translate at least the gist of it for those of us who do not read/speak Russian?

A day in the life... said...

ohh phyllis that is just unreal :( where did they even get that photo from??

i've used to tranlate texts.. don't know if it's 'the best' but super easy to use.

how's the roof - can you believe all this rain?!?!?
take care!

Phyllis said...

"Someone" (a certain someone) set up everything up for the filming. :-( That picture was from a news story that they've shown quite a few times on TV.

Our roof is holding up great! :-) Now, the children. . . ? That's another story.

Mom, I think Evelina has a link to a translator, or you can try the one Susan mentioned.

A day in the life... said...

here's the article in english - off free service - i got my daily laugh off the 'apple' translation :)

The Vyaznikov community of the Evangelical Christian- Baptists several years arranged leisure in the summer camp for the children from the moderate-means families. However, the principles of educational approach became the apple of between confessions discord.

For a period of several years the Baptists arranged on the base of leisure “tourist” under [Vyaznikami] summer camp “Gloria”. Two years it does not work, and fermentations around it do not end.

“They fixed, with whom the man talks, who it, he lives with whom. Everything were fixed into the camera”, says the instructor of the fire-prevention protection of camp “tourist” Victor Vorobyev.

As assert some colleagues of camp “Gloria”, to the summer in [Vyazniki] the children arrived from the orphanages of Ivanov, [Kineshmy], Nizhniy Novgorod, adolescents from the Arkhangyelsk province even rested. Local workers, who are not the adherents of the study of Evangelical Christian- Baptists, testify that they punished children physically.

“We in the diocese have orthodox summer of camp, and children from there leave spiritually healthy, he says [ipodiakon] Andrey Sidorov. - A there - dictates with the psychological incline, is conducted brain-washing”.

Eyewitnesses speak, when camp moved out, to the look of orthodox appeared the Russian crosses, depicted in the form of targets for shooting from bow or small-caliber rifle. Remained the literature, which [izdayut] followers of one of the totalitarian sects.

Victor Vorobyev, the instructor of the fire-prevention protection of camp “tourist”: “This society of Evangelical Christian- Baptists, and when they arrive into the orphanages, leaders simply do not know, where will go children”.

[GTRK] “Vladimir” of/[Sedmitsa].Ru

BabaJulie said...

Oh, Phyllis! This is terrible! Oh, what horrible things this man is saying!! We will pray that the Lord will protect the ministry of Camp Gloria and allow the daycamps, at least, to continue. It sounds like they are trying to put an end to them, as well!! We are praying and will continue to do so! We will also pass this news along to the folks at GBC. II Tim 3:12 We love you all!