Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The roof

Our next door neighbors decided to go ahead and fix the roof, just us and them, over our apartment and theirs. They've been trying all summer to find a time that would work with the weather and schedules, and today it has finally worked out. Please pray for Will, Alyosha and Viktor as they're up there. Pray that what they do will be effective to stop the leaks!

Update: They worked for a few hours before the rain really picked up. Will says that they got everything opened up. Actually, our bedroom is finished, and now it is being tested right away. Please pray for the rain to stop!


BabaJulie said...

Hi! We will pray! Is it holding? A leaky roof can certainly be a mess!! Will they just get back up there as soon as the rain stops?

We had a horrible thunderstorm here last night!! The lightening was the scariest in a long time! And, the power was out for about 2 hrs. But, all is well this morning! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

We would delight in having the rain sent here; for a central Florida summer, this has been a drought. Prayers and love....