Sunday, June 06, 2010

Asya's verses

Asya has really gotten into learning Bible verses. For Sunday school, she's memorized Genesis 1:1, Matthew 19:14 and Psalm 54/55:23. I love the way they usually come out! She often combines them all, and she often says them, just because she feels like it, while she's playing or whatever. The most common Asya verse is "В начале Иисус сказал я держу тебя." ("In the beginning Jesus said I hold you.") I also laughed hard one week in Sunday school at the way she twisted her verse. I gave out paper hearts as rewards for saying their verses each week. Asya was supposed to say, "Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me." Instead she recited, "Jesus said. . . [long pause] Give the little children hearts!"

As I mentioned before, our little Sunday school is done for the summer, but I'm already filling in for the other teacher off and on. The first time went fine, even though I was worried about how I'd do with the big, combined group and wild older boys. I get to have them again in two weeks, so please pray that it will go well next time, too. Thanks!

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Baba Julie said...

I LOVE that!! I'll try that "Jesus said give" with Bernie and see how it goes over!! Poor Bernie!! He's had to give Baba Julie so much money lately for one thing and another, I think he's in a daze!!(: Lots of hugs to each of you!!