Monday, June 21, 2010

First dacha week 2010

(This post will add to the many, many visits we get from people searching for "First Dacha," which appears to be a night club in Latvia. )

We spent our first week at our dacha for this year! There was so much to catch up on. The road had flooded in early spring, so there was mud to clear away, and the grass was waist high. Will did a whole lot of scything. It was wonderful to be out there again! We enjoyed good, small harvests of peas and cherries, and we're starting to get a few apricots. Soon we'll have ripe tomatoes. Beyond that, we've haven't really done much gardening this year; The Move took too much time and energy.

Ready to go




And more cuteness

Youth meeting

Wild things

"You're not helping any," he said when I took this photo.
Our kitten loved his first dacha week. He had one adventure though. Wednesday night, he kept climbing up in the the huge apricot tree. Will went up after him a few times, but then, while we were putting everyone to bed (late) Budya-Zhenya went up there again. I said just to wait for him to come down by himself. We'd leave the door open, and he could join us in bed whenever he felt like it. Well...he stayed up there all night long! Will went out several times to call him, and once to chase off another cat. Finally, the next morning, Will had to go get him down. Poor Budya-Zhenya was so tired that he was almost unconscious the whole next day.

Father-daughter cuteness

Hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy a summer schedule now: Tuesday-Saturday at the dacha. Come home to wash up. Church all day Sunday. Monday is laundry, home stuff and a swim. Then back to the dacha! It's much closer to the church than our apartment is, so that's nice for Will. And we all love the outdoor time!


Mom said...

Great dacha photos! To think of all of you out there pleases me.

Happy dacha-ing...with love

Abby said...

These pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them. I didn't know your cat's name was Budya-Zhenya. I'm sure there's a story behind that! :)

Baba Julie said...

I LOVE the picture of Asya with the kitty!! He is so cute!! He seems pretty gentle. Is that true? Love to each of you!

Laura :) said...

Asya is precious with that hat!

Laura :)