Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Evening Post, 20th Anniversary Edition

(20th Anniversary Edition, because I've now written 20 of these, and our 10th wedding anniversary was this week.)

A photo from this week:

Experimenting and recording the results

Jaan... has been measuring how far his different cars go when he pushes them across the floor and recording the results in a notebook. It's amazing how much and how intently he can work on this! He's also been really into writing notes and emails on his own over the past week.

Raia... wants to have a pet manatee when she grows up. I realized that they didn't know about these creatures from my childhood, so we watched a few videos, and she fell in love.

Asya... has been happily playing with Raia and their "babies" all week long. All day, every day this week, I think.

Baby... has hiccoughs. Well, maybe not right at this exact moment, but that just means that we're just having a short break from them. I don't think I, myself, have had hiccoughs this whole pregnancy, but this child almost never stops hiccoughing for me!

Will... has been trying to get our documents sorted out. It's almost time to extend our registration here. Everything is much simpler than in Russia, but it still takes some work.

School this week: We finished Week 21. Year 1 is just racing by, but I'm savoring every moment.

My books: I finished a touching trilogy this week, the life story of Dave Pelzer. It's probably not something I would ever have chosen to read, but Will picked it up somewhere. Even though it's about a very sad subject (child abuse), the author managed to make it very compassionate and victorious.

...and my вязание (since I can't come up with a good English word that means kitting-crocheting): I've continued on the baby blanket. This pattern is really fun and addicting! I also got the yarn I ordered, so I just started back up on the little pants. It really feels good to be back into the rhythm of making things, even after a short break where nothing seemed to be going right.

Weather and nature observations: Warmer and then cold again, that sums it up. I'm happy to have more winter!

Other news, ministry, notes and miscellaneous from the week: We had our 10th wedding anniversary! Youth meetings have been at our apartment this week.

On this date in. . . 2008: We had just arrived in Florida.

holy experience

Just a few things I'm thankful for...
  • more winter
  • when the crochet hook matches the yarn color
  • how incredibly active this baby is!
  • sleep
  • hot water


Baba Julie said...

Thank you! Always good to see/hear your news! Hope to see you in chat today - Miriam Nadler! Love you! Julie

Name: Misty said...

How about "neddlework"? It isn't really a very fun word though.

I love all the little things you are making. Sometimes I wonder where you find the time... mostly this comes to mind because I am trying to cut out my own "time-robbers".