Monday, April 25, 2011

Jaan's music

On Friday Jaan had his piano recital. It was incredible! I may be biased, but I was just amazed by how well he played and how grown up he seemed. He started off playing and then got stuck after just a few notes. While I prayed wildly in the back of the room, and his teacher whispered from off the stage, he just sat there, frozen. I was afraid that he'd panic or start crying. Then he came to life, heard her saying to start over, and did so. After that, he made it through all three of his pieces without another hitch. He finished, gave his little bow, and calmly went back to his seat.

Getting started
This picture really shows how his teacher works with him. She's so gentle and kind and encouraging! He was the littlest one, so she switched out the chairs before he played, and gave him one with a pillow to sit on.


With Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Outside the music school

Ice cream afterwards

The girls got some, too, of course

I was so sad that we didn't have any way to record the piano recital! However, we did borrow a video camera for his choir concert two weeks ago. There's a little bit from that below. Jaan and the girl standing next to him were just hilarious. She takes vocals, where they teach them to be very dramatic in their singing, and she's just an animated little person anyway. Jaan stood like a statue. The contrast between the two of them was so funny. (Anyone who was here for camp and has a very good memory, might see Andrei, Yasha, Matvei and maybe even a few other familiar faces up there.)

Did anyone notice that in the photo I posted earlier it looks like the big hair bows are on the teacher's head?

Easter photos coming soon....

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Baba Julie said...

We are so proud of Jaan!! We wish we could've been there to hear both the piano recital and Spring Concert! They both sound GRAND!! Many congratulations to our blossoming musician!! Love!!