Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Saturday at home

I don't like this idea of staying home on Saturdays! I should be out at the orphanage. I'm finally feeling pretty much well again, but Will reminded me that they would not want me in with those fragile little ones, when I'm still coughing. Plus, these visits by myself--while my friend is away--take a lot out of me even when I'm healthy. So, I'm home again today. I should be back next week.

But, last time I wrote about my visits there, I was still trying to get into a routine of spending time with the bed-bound little ones, after my lesson with the bigger ones. And I have been able to slide into that and should be able to keep it up now, too.

I really, really love this part of my Saturdays there. There are groups of children who spend all their time lying down in cribs. The sizes of their bodies and their abilities make them seem like babies, although they're much older than they look. After I finish doing a Sunday school-ish lesson with the bigger ones, I head over to the little ones and offer to help however I can. Usually that means the workers hand me a bowl of food, and I spoon it into little mouths. Of course, I talk and interact with them as much as I can in the process.

And then I get one or two for some individual play time in the sensory room. Most of them have no idea of how to play, so a lot of it is just holding toys in their hands and getting them used to that idea. Or, for some who already know that much, I work on interacting, encouraging them to imitate play, or very, very simple games (i.e. clapping hands; very simple). I have no training in any kind of therapy, and I really feel the lack there, but I hope and pray that just time spent together is helpful.

A few links to share:
I've mentioned Oksana before. She grew up in "our" orphanage and aged out last year. At this moment she is in the USA for medical treatment, but she'll be headed back over here soon, since the first stage of her treatment is over. Here is a site with updates about that. She has a long process ahead of her. Please keep praying for her. Culture shock in America has been hard for her, and I can imagine that coming back to her nursing home isn't going to be an easy transition either.

Also, the friend that I help has started a blog. It will have information about the houses she is building for the orphans who age out of this orphanage. Will and I have been able to help her a little so far, with the paperwork part of that, and we're very excited to see it get going! First will be a home for boys, and then another for girls, including Oksana. There's tons of info on her plans here, if you want to download and read the detailed document. Or, ask specific questions, and I can summarize or find out the answers for you. Please be praying for the paperwork, planning, and actual building.


Baba Julie said...

Thank you for this post, Phyllis, and for your work. I am sure, trained therapist or not, that you are doing good! What a special heart you have for the children! God will bless and them because of your work. Love you! Julie

Mom said...

...agreeing with all Julie said and praying for complete recovery from sickness. Much love.