Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving and fall concert

Happy Thanksgiving! We're so thankful for all of our family and friends who are out there, reading this.

Yesterday we read in one of our children's books that the original Thanksgiving feast lasted three days. This year ours is, too. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with one set of friends already. Each child in our family helped with something: Jaan made a big pumpkin pie all by himself, Raia and I made some incredible pumpkin cake truffles (and some chocolate, too), Asya made a cranberry and jello fruit salad, and Bogdan helped me make cornbread. Then we took that over to our friends' home; they provided turkey and all the other trimmings, and we had a lovely evening together.

Today we're resting and cooking a bit more. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Thanksgiving again with our community of American and Canadian friends.

By the way, on Wednesday the choir that Jaan sings in had an informal concert. Since I was the only one from our family in the audience, I recorded all the songs from that. Grandparents and anyone else who is really interested might enjoy watching, too.


Mom said...

Greatly enjoyed the concert...thank you for sharing.

We are thankful for you! Much love.

Baba Julie said...

Thank you, Phyllis!! It was so good talking to you all yesterday and do hope Raia is feeling better today! Hope you are able to go to the next Thanksgiving celebration! Love you all!