Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Little Lera

About this time two years ago, I got to travel to Donetsk region, to visit with a friend who was adopting. I fell in love with a sweet little girl in my friend's son's group while I was there. She was like a fragile little bird; she doesn't speak, but she made sweet little singing noises. Because of her serious heart condition, I thought that she really needed an American family. (She is available for adoption.) But no one has come for her yet.

About this time one year ago, I sat in a hotel in Zakarpatia and cried as I read about soldiers in her orphanage. A little later, I saw her face again in video of the evacuation from there, and I rejoiced. I followed every bit of information I could get, and found out that she didn't stop at the Kharkov #1 orphanage, like "Little S." did. (I still see him quite often in their photos.) But I couldn't find where she had ended up.

This year I finally thought to look her up on an adoption listing. I found her profile, so I was pretty sure that she was still alive, but that's all. I kept asking people to look for her. Then, a few days ago Life2Orphans posted about a little girl going to Kyiv for heart surgery. I thought it would be her, and they confirmed that right away. Then this morning I saw her face again! An organization that helps "my" orphanage (and Antoshka in Kramatorsk) was asking for help buying diapers for her in Kyiv.

So, for now that's where she is, undergoing treatment and preparation for "a very serious operation" on her heart. I was thrilled to read that she has volunteers taking care of her and bringing in food and other supplies. Please pray with me for her health. Obviously, I'm not a professional, but she seemed very frail to me when I met her. I haven't talked to the doctors, and I don't even know exactly what procedures she is facing, but I am still very concerned about her, of course. She does look really good in today's pictures; she's grown and filled out a bit. I don't even know when the surgery will be, but we can already be praying that it will be successful.

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Baba Julie said...

Praying with you, Phyllis, for this dear little one!! It is amazing that she survived the bombings and the move. We will also be praying that she will be adopted! Love to each of you!