Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A week with us in 2016

Last year I wrote a post like this. Interestingly, a lot is the same, but there are some differences this year. Of course, every morning we go through our homeschool routine. Then after lunch Bogdan and whoever is here has quiet time. School goes on into the afternoon most days now. For other classes and activities the destinations and triangle route are still the same.

Mondays are still busy days for Raia. In the afternoon she goes to art school for general composition (drawing/painting) and history of style, and then straight from there to music school for solfeggio. Will walks with her to music school, because it's so dark in the evenings, and then brings her home afterwards. Jaan usually has theater at church in the evening.

Tuesday right after lunch Jaan, Raia, and Asya all have their "specialty," their individual main instrument lesson. When they get home, Asya's friend Sonya comes over to practice English with us. Then at 5:00, I take Sonya home, drop Bogdan off at art school for general composition (drawing) and craft class. Usually Will and I take the time that Bogdan is in those classes to go out together.

On Wednesdays Asya has general composition and another art class. That's all. Sometimes Jaan has theater, too.

Thursdays Jaan has piano. Raia has balalaika and piano and then goes straight to the art school for composition and Bible illustration. Asya joins her for the latter. When that class ends Bogdan has his preschool rotation, so I drop him off and get the girls. He has rhythm, speech development, English, and music. Will brings him home when that's done.

This year I am going to the orphanage on Fridays. Sometimes Jaan or Raia goes with me. At home Will supervises the schoolwork that I leave for everyone else. When they're done with that Asya has recorder and music school choir; she goes to those by herself. Raia has music literature, and then she sits with a book and a snack until Jaan comes for the ensemble practice that they're both in.

Saturdays... I get to move slowly in the morning. Ahhh. Asya goes to art school first for Bible, then cooking, then "lepka." Raia goes next for DPI (decorative art) and Bible. They come home together. Jaan has solfeggio and music literature. In the evening Bogdan has "lepka" and preschool.

Our English fellowship time has switched to Sundays this year, so every other week includes that now. We still try to keep Sundays simple, though. In the mornings we go to church, the girls stay for church choir practice while the rest of us go home, and then either we have our old traditional popcorn and movie evening, or we go for that time with our friends.

Our schedule is busy, but it works well. For me the main thing is that I can stay home most of the time and coordinate all the comings and goings from here. Bogdan is the only who has to be taken back and forth for his classes, and I often have help with that. If I had to be doing all the running around, it would be too much.


Mom said...

Even staying home and coordinating everything, your schedule seems daunting to me--but what rich experiences for your children. I am thankful you and Will have at least that small Tuesday evening spot together. Much love to each precious one.

Baba Julie said...

What wonderful things your children are experiencing!! They are having incredible opportunities. What a blessing! And, of course, they have the greatest blessing of two loving, caring parents to oversee all of this and guide them in all their ways, just like our loving, Heavenly Father does for each of us!! Love you all!!