Saturday, November 19, 2016

News and photos

We got a new pet! A week ago Tuesday Will and I bought a baby dwarf hamster, and after everyone else was in bed, we put it in the cage which had been standing empty since summer when Slavic the Second died. This new little guy was very vocal, so the kids noticed him first thing the next morning. I thought it might take longer, but he squealed like a pig for his first day or so here, so it was hard to miss him. (They must tell each other in the pet store that they're being sold for meat or something.) He's already quieting down now and growing nice and fat.

Raia had two concerts this week: one on Tuesday at our local music school, one right now in the center of town. Will went with her; I was sorry to miss out, but too tired, and someone had to stay home to handle the other comings and goings here.

Photo from her teacher

Kherson had a good bit of snow while I was away. It's all melted now, but the rest of the family thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed even more cold and snow and winter beauty up north.

We finally got ventilation put in for our bathroom! This house was not built for as many people as live in it now, and the interior walls are clay and straw and whitewash. So, every year as soon as we've closed the windows and turned on the heat, the bathroom walls have "bloomed." Will constantly washed them with bleach, but that only helped very temporarily. Now it's fixed, and while I was gone Will painted and patched up everything. It makes a huge difference.

The girls are very excited because this year the church choir is having all the kids who also study at music school learn a Christmas piece on their instruments. They handed out notes recently. Raia will be playing a duet with a friend, and Asya's learning part of the Ukrainian bell carol. Their first rehearsal will be this afternoon. Raia even got permission to keep her teacher's balalaika after the concert today, so that she can take it to the practice, too.

My trip was great, but I came back very tired and into a very busy Saturday, so I can't really even process it yet. Soon.

Bonus photo: a cute and blurry shot of Bogdan at craft class:

From the art school page

Today Asya's culinary class is putting on a special lunch for their families. I'm looking forward to that and need to go get ready for it....


Mom said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of your relatively ordinary days. We love all of you.

Baba Julie said...

Thank you for these lovely pictures! And, the new "family member" sounds adorable! So glad you were able to get him. We are happy you are safely back home and had such a nice trip. Hope you are rested up soon!! Love to each of you!