Sunday, February 19, 2017

Marshrutki, continued

After just long enough for people to calm down and get used to paying 5--I think it took about a day?--the court went and overturned the new fare. Now it's back down to 3. But again, the drivers are kind of on strike. Very few marshrutok are on the roads, and those that do come by are too loaded down to take more passengers. Some people are trying to pay 5 to be nice, and others are arguing. I hear that if you pay with bigger money you get change back as if you were paying 5, but if you offer 3, they take it.

We walked to church. (Why does this have to be at such a yucky time of year?!? February is just a gross month.) One bus did eventually pass us, but it was so loaded down that we laughed; it almost looked like it was dragging on the ground. Of course, taxi drivers are raising their prices, too. They had an official "icy roads" fare. I wonder what they call this one? The "you have no other option" fare? Lots of people are angry and frustrated all around, but I do see nice moments, too. A taxi driver brought Will and Jaan home yesterday for way less than we've ever been charged. Some bus drivers are insisting on giving full change, even when people don't want it.

I wonder if a compromise would work. What if the fare was changed to 4?

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Baba Julie said...

Makes it harder on you all, too. I know you walk a lot, but those buses certainly help! Praying things will settle down soon. Pray that for the US, as well! Thanks! Love to you all!