Thursday, February 16, 2017


Strangely empty. See those fives?
Yesterday the fare went up from 3 ($0.11) hryvnia to 5 ($0.19). It sounds like not much, but it really is difficult for many people. It's probably more realistic, though. There has been debate back and forth since the beginning of the month, when it was supposed to change. At the last minute they cancelled that change, and the drivers went on strike. That was pretty crippling for the city. Then they really did raise the price yesterday. I saw people sticking their heads in, asking if it truly would cost them 5, and then saying that they'd walk instead. And I hear there was a protest in the center of town, too.

As part of the ongoing discussion about this online and in person, I keep noticing people complaining about the level of service and saying something like "They want 5 hryvnia for this?!?!" And I keep wondering how the drivers are supposed to run buses on so little, not to mention keep them fixed up. I went to London last year. Their public transportation is Amazing: sparkling clean, fast, efficient, fancy, handicap accessible, and... expensive. Two different worlds. I think I can be thankful for what we have, even if it is dirty and falling apart sometimes.

UPDATE, February 18: court ruled that the increase was illegal, so we're back down to 3 officially, with drivers still trying to enforce 5. I'm reading that they're on strike again today.


Anonymous said...

I remember when I was in college and gas was rumored to be going up to $.50 a gallon. I said I would walk before I would pay that. Lot of good that did me! Can't imagine how they manage on $.19 much less $.11.

Baba Julie said...

Hard on many people, but the realities of life. Praying for you all and all this affects. Love you!