Thursday, November 28, 2019

Beautiful autumn... already gone. But I enjoyed every minute of it while it was here! The beautiful part seemed to be longer and warmer than ever this year.

(My anxiety is gone, too. Joy and peace are back. Maybe it was more seasonal blues than anything related to cancer? The sun is actually out today.)

These photos are all from back when everything was at its peak of beauty. First, walking Bogdan to and from music school, then other times in our yard:

Our house
I enjoyed lots of reading in the leaves.


Mom said...

And it was beautiful! I think we were there at the peak of Kherson's color--which seemed to be everywhere. Many of our photos reflect the glory of fall.

I am profoundly thankful joy has returned; our prayers for you continue. Much love!

Baba Julie said...

I LOVE this! The colors here have only become vibrant in the last couple of weeks. They are starting to fade, too, but still so beautiful! I know you loved them! And, that one sweet, next door neighbor face making an appearance! I'm so thankful that your joy has returned! We are praying and praising with you! Love, Julie and Bernie

Lindy Johnson said...

I vote for seasonal blues! I know November has been hard with the gray skies. A sunny day can make such a difference. I’m glad you less anxious. Nothing better than some robin’s egg blue skies and vitamin D radiating. Love the pictures as I watch the snow flurries out my window.