Thursday, April 02, 2020

Art school at home

(Updated at the end.)

Music lesson
Ukrainian public schools are going to broadcast on TV. Our music school teachers have been working out their own versions of distance learning. Art school is private, so they can do what they want, and they're staying in touch, too. One of the teachers for the older classes has been doing a challenge where she sends a theme to draw each day. The kids send their pictures to her, and she posts them on Facebook each evening. They're keeping track of who gets the most likes. (Do you want to help us? Look for the name Ася.) At the end of quarantine there will be prizes.

Yesterday Bogdan's drawing teacher started something for the younger kids, too. She sent a video of herself drawing a beetle and asked them to join her. The little kids in our house did it all together and loved it. They couldn't wait for the next video to come out. Today was butterflies. Again, you can vote for the pictures with Facebook likes: Богдан, Лютфие, Нуруддин, and Уммухан with Ася are the best, of course. I didn't think the teacher would include the other kids, because they aren't in her classes, but she did, and they're very excited when anyone votes for them. Watch for their butterflies soon, too.

Bogdan usually draws a lot by himself, but I had noticed that he wasn't lately. Yesterday got him going again, and now he can't stop. After the beetle he made a whole set of other beetle drawings on his own. He has been missing art classes, but I think this is going to help him.

P.S. After I told you what names to look for, the butterflies came out without names. These are from our house: one, two three. (Bogdan didn't send any.)


Mom said...

When I first saw the beetle contest, I thought "what a perfect subject for Bogdan!," but everyone has done well with it. Today's butterflies are bright and beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for showing us which are yours. We love you.

Your cousins are painting "bee feet" on Grandda's shed door. (Bee feet start with painting the bottoms of feet to make footprints and then progress with adding faces, antennae, stripes, wings (and in the case of the queen, a crown) in order to create a small swarm of bees from the footprints.) The feet are on the door; today we hope to add the details.

Baba Julie said...

How wonderful! And, how nice that the art teacher is including the other children, as well! It is nice of her to help the children with some continuity and to do something they love so much! We will go in and vote!! Love to you all!

Lindy Johnson said...

You are inspiring me. Maybe I’ll change from making masks to painting this weekend. I should be cleaning but nobody can visit so why bother! Music and art to lighten the quarantine. Love it! 👏