Friday, April 24, 2020


Ukraine's quarantine was extended, but the contests our art school is running online are wrapping up now. Please go vote for the work of the kids from our house by clicking the Like button on their pictures: Ася, Лютфие, Богдан, Нуруддин, and Уммухан. And thank you for voting! I wish you could see how excited they get over counting their votes every day. Don't tell the girls, but I think one and/or both of them might actually be headed for a prize.

We had a fun surprise the day before yesterday. One of Bogdan's art teachers happens to be the mother of Raia's friends:

She was out with her daughters and dropped in to see if Raia could walk with them. (Raia hasn't gone anywhere at all--and of our whole family--she's the extrovert, the one who suffers the most from social distancing. We were very glad for this little chance for her.) While we were all standing around, chatting informally, I noticed that the kids from the other family were staring, so I introduced this "aunt" formally, and then they understood who she was. Their reaction was like what would happen if a movie star had walked out of a film right into our yard. They're still talking about it.

From their walk
This is our spring break from homeschooling, but music school continues online. The past few days Asya has been working on perfecting an entry for a video contest. We've made bunches of videos and gotten feedback from her teacher. I think now we finally have something that will work.

And today is the first day of Ramadan. So, as we continue to celebrate Easter, our neighbours start their own special season.


Mom said...

I'm thankful to see the creativity shining through the quarantine. Certainly we will all be far more appreciative of "normal" contact if and when it returns. Asya played her video contest entry for us, and what a treat that was! We l love each of you.

Baba Julie said...

How exciting for each of the children! The girls having the possibility of having a prize from the art contest, Raia being able to go on a walk w/ her friends and all of the children being able to see/meet their art teacher! We are so happy that all of you are doing under quarantine. We are, as well, staying busy w/ lots of projects! Can't wait to hear about the outcome of the art contest and to see Asya's submitted video! Love to each of you!

Lindy Johnson said...

Love to see Cinnamon helping with the art! My Will enjoys having George (his rabbit) as an apartment mate during the isolation. A friend brought her golden retriever puppy to the parking lot where I distribute lunches for a fun, distanced visit. The puppy ran back and forth between us while we caught up on news. Our book group “met” on Zoom - a different way of doing things. Our spring break wraps up and we’re back to online school on Monday. Today is sunny and should be good for a nice long walk looking for signs of spring! Love to all.