Friday, July 09, 2021

Happy campers

We're already at the last day of camp. I know our kids are having a wonderful time, but I've hardly seen them. The older three do sleep at home, but they leave before I'm awake and often come home after I'm asleep. At least I get to see Bogdan, and, yes, he tells me about camp as long as he can keep his eyes open in the evenings. The first three days were very rainy, so they did most of their activities indoors. Then the sun came out, and they had a water day. When photos with our kids show up in the parents' Viber group, I save them, so I'll share those here:

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Mom said...

Certainly I can see why they are exhausted at night, and my heart sings for the impact your children are having on the lives of those who participate in the camp. Thank you for sharing the photos; they also bring back happy memories of helping at your English camp several summers ago. We love each of you!