Friday, July 02, 2021

Raia's 16th birthday

On June 14th Raia turned 16. We had a fun, quiet day celebrating her. (She had a sleepover with her friends separately, since one of her closest friends also had a birthday within a few days of hers.) The day started with her music teacher calling her to come to the music school, which turned out to be for presents and congratulations.

When she got back she opened presents that had just arrived from America. They were exactly what she wanted, and she was very pleased. A little later we headed to the center of town to her favourite restaurant.

We ate very well, and then we walked a good bit. 

After all the walking, we got ice cream. A downpour caught us on our way home.

It was all a very nice day of celebrating Raia.


Mom said...

She's a beautiful sweet sixteen; thank you for sharing her day. Since we have been to that restaurant and walked those streets, this post surfaces memories of times with all of you. Love to all....

daisy said...

Happy belated birthday! I love the rain picture with umbrellas! Hope yippy are all doing well. God bless y'all!

Lindy Johnson said...

What a wonderful celebration! It looks like everyone enjoyed the day (even the rain!) Thank you for sharing.