Saturday, July 24, 2021


We've been working very hard to get the visa that Jaan will need for residency when he turns 18 in September. Tomorrow he and Will are flying to Turkey to apply. They'll be gone for a week, but their application appointment is on Monday. Please pray that everything will be just right on that day. So far, it's been really complicated, and there are still details that we're not sure about.

Planning this trip has reminded us of the last time we went to Turkey, when Jaan was 11 months old. I found the photos I posted back then, and I'm reposting them now. This was my favourite then and now it still is:

Jaan in the Blue Mosque, 2004


Mom said...

And then you came to see us...and our personal memories of your trip began. Love and prayers.

Phyllis said...

Yes, Jaan's first trip to America was only about a month after Turkey. He was a well-traveled baby. :-)

Baba Julie said...

Precious picture! Praying for all to go well!