Thursday, January 06, 2022

Art school update and a contest

There will still be art classes! With our beloved teachers! No one really knows how this is going to work, and the school is still closed, but at least some of the teachers are going to try to continue their classes independently. Thank you for praying, and please keep it up.

Yesterday was the final for an art and music contest that Asya and Bogdan had entered through our library. Bogdan and I went to the central children's library for a special program and to hear the results. Asya was one of the winners! Bogdan was surprised by how many of the kids he knew there. His art class had all made pictures, and some of them were invited. (His picture from art school turned out to be the wrong size, so it didn't go.) Some of his bandura classmates were at the final, too. The picture that our library entered in Bogdan's name actually wasn't his, and he was a little bit upset about that. They had called me a while ago and said the pictures they had from the last workshop at the library were unlabeled and asked for my permission just to put Bogdan's name on one of them; I said yes. But I told Bogdan that he put so much work into his too-big picture from art school, that God knew he deserved the candy prize he got, and that satisfied him. The picture he actually drew--the one that didn't make it to the contest--is the photo above: Scrooge and the Ukrainian carolers.

We were all excited to hear that Asya won. Her flute teacher was actually there, too, since she had entered her youngest ensemble, but she didn't even know that Asya was participating. Asya had just stopped into our library and made an almost impromptu video with them. I've heard rumors that Asya will be invited to tea with the mayor now, but I don't know when and if that will actually happen....

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Mom said...

To have their God-given talents trained and appreciated fills my heart with joy. The painting Bogdan actually did is imaginative and delightful. For Asya to win with an impromptu video really doesn't surprise me--her playing is beautiful. Kudos to both!