Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Prayer requests

Two things:

Please pray for our family's health. Except for Jaan, we were away all weekend. We came back home to him sick, not terribly, but very unusually for him. I sent him for a covid test yesterday, and it came back positive today. (As a measure of how he feels, he walked a few kilometers through thick snow by himself there and and back to get the test. He's obviously not dying.) Raia also has what seems to be a bad cold--very different symptoms and timeline than Jaan--so Will took her for a test just now; we'll get the results from that tomorrow.

And of course, for Ukraine. I know you're already praying. The news outside Ukraine is much louder about the situation than anything here. I liked the way our Florida church worded their prayer request for us:

 Although the current Russia/Ukraine situation is tense, Will and Phyllis Hunsucker and their family remain in Kherson. If the situation deteriorates significantly, they may temporarily relocate within the country, but they have no plans to leave Ukraine. Their ministry continues. Please pray that ministry can become even more significant as the possibility of Russian incursion remains.

Also, I recommended reading this article and posted this on Facebook:

Thank you for all your concern. We are well and happy here. Please do pray for Ukraine!
If you're looking for an English news source, I recommend the new Kyiv Independent. So far they seem to provide lots of info with less hysteria than the rest of the English-language sources I know of. Please start with the article I'm linking to here. In my opinion this is the most important.



Mom said...

Thank you very much for the update. Prayers for you and thoughts of you remain constantly in our hearts.

Much love to each precious one.

Candie said...

I have been wondering what your thoughts are on what's been going on. There is a lot in the news about it. Thanks for the article. I'll be praying.