Wednesday, January 31, 2007


After our wonderful month of advent, we decided that we needed to continue something at least similar once a week throughout the year. Wednesday night is now our family night, and we've been trying to do a family version of Awana Cubbies. Tonight was especially fun, because Seryozha was here, and of course, Julie is too! (Unfortunately all the good pictures are stuck in her camera.) We learned about creation, days 2 and 3. . . .

Story time
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You can't see the dry land and water, or much of the plants, but they're down there. Jaan's showing off the clouds.

Craft time
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Seryozha helped Raia, and Julie helped Jaan.

Edited to add one of Julie's photos:

All the Cubbies
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BabaJulie said...

Hi! That's great! You must tell Jaan that Aunt Abby was a Cubbie once and will soon be getting her award for 15 years of Awana work! Maybe you can start your own little Awana club in your flat! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

When you began as a Cubbie in 1983, how inconceivable this day was! All we knew was that the church was starting a program for three-year olds. Here you are 23 years later and 8 time zones away replicating the process with your own children. God is good!

Much love to all...

BabaJulie said...

IT'S SNOWING in Charlotte!! I just had to say that!!! I know this is no big deal to you all, but we are SO EXCITED! It's 31 degrees and they called the schools off BEFORE it even started!! (I know all you Northerners will love that!!) Anyway, we are supposed to have up to 3 inches, sleet and freezing rain before it all ends on Fri AM! Love y'all!

Mrs said...

Waaaaiiiit a minute! Wait a minute! That's JULIE! Why did I think it was Will's sister, if indeed he has a sister named Julie? I had no idea it was the Julie who usually sits in front of me in church! LOL!

Now I'm especially excited that she's there, and how cute that Jaan felt comfortable enough to snuggle with her at nap time!

Slow on the uptake here!

BabaJulie said...

Will has a MAMA named Julie!! What a great picture of Phyllis!! (Oh, Sorry - and of everyone else, too!!) We just don't usually get so many of Phyllis!! Keep it up, Julie!!