Sunday, January 07, 2007

Merry Christmas! (again)

Yesterday was the children's Christmas program. Raia and I had to stay home, because she has a gooky cold. Jaan went and had a wonderful time, though. Will was a donkey, who told part of the Christmas story. The other adults were different animals, who each told their part.

Monsieur Ee-aw
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(I know it's dark. Sorry.)

Today was the main Christmas service and celebration, and again we stayed home. I was sad about it, but then the sunshine came out, and we decided that was in honor of Jesus' birthday. So, we had our own celebration at home. At church. . .

Alyona played her violin
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. . . and another little boy played his cello. All that must have inspired Will, because he came home. . .

Tuned his viola
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. . . and played Christmas carols for us.


BabaJulie said...

Oh! I'm so excited!! All those lessons were not in vain!! It did my heart good to see him with that viola!! That fella worked very hard to buy that instrument!! He mowed many yards and did lots of other work, as well!! I'm glad to see him using it again!! Lots of love!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, an online friend (an Orthodox Priest's wife), shared your site with us a while back and I've been avidly reading about your life in Russia. As a child I used to dream of doing missions work, and I just finished a degree in Slavic Languages and Literature, with an emphasis in Russian, so it is especially fun for me to read about what you are doing and the Russian your sweet children use! Today I just had to comment and say hello, because my daughter's name is Alëna! Blessings!