Thursday, January 04, 2007

Time with friends

This is such a fun time of year! Almost everyone is free from work. Tuesday, after the New Year church service, we went to visit our friends in a nearby village. Jaan talks about visiting the cows, but he loves to be with Babushka Valya and Dedushka Yura, too.

Visiting the cows
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Yesterday we went to a fellowship time with other friends at the Korneichuks' home.

Raia "holding" Maksim
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(Although, it's hard to tell who's holding whom sometimes.)

Today we're just staying home. We still have two invitations of "be sure to come over during the holidays," but we'll have to get back to that tomorrow.


BabaJulie said...

What wonderful pictures! Just make sure that Jaan and Raia know that these Babushka and Dedushka are not the "real thing"!! (: And, little Maxsim is beautiful! He looks big and healthy! Congratulate his parents on such a fine looking boy for us! Love y'all!

Lindy Johnson said...

Babajulie's comment made me laugh. I can imagine Bama (Phyllis' grandmother)would be sending the same sentiment if she were alive. Bama would also be struggling with not being able to hold and spoil those children. She wouldn't be as patient about the wait to see them! Maksim does look very healthy. We have lots of cows in the U.S. for Jaan to visit :) The pictures are great.