Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Camp info

We had a long, but fun, day yesterday, visiting the new camp property. For those of you who don't know the story, for several years the camp ministry in the Ivanovo-Vladimir regions has been trying to find a permanent place to have children's summer camps. It was a long and discouraging process. Nothing was available to us. Now God has provided a place! It's a great example of how with Him nothing is impossible. After all this trying, He just dropped the property in our laps. The Kolchugino church rejoined the organization of churches, and they had a piece of property to offer.

Will took lots of pictures, and we'll be sharing those soon. The camp is located in the village of Куликовка, but that's not on the maps. Only three or four families live there year-round. The info page I linked to doesn't have any info about it, but the photo is good. It shows where Ivan parked yesterday. In the winter he can't drive all the way to the camp, so we walked. See the little crossroad? The camp is about half a kilometer to the right. The nearest big village is Долгополье, which you can find on a good map. (I didn't find one online.) Look north of Kolchugino, almost to the border with Yaroslavskaya region.

Raia's back-hoe
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Our children enjoyed exploring, but once they found the garage, they thought they were in heaven. There's a dump truck, a back-hoe, and a crane! Jaan's planning to go back when it's warm. He'll drive the crane, and Raia will drive the back-hoe, he says. They cried when we had to leave "their" vehicles.


Anonymous said...

We are very pleased that you were able to get out to see the camp God provided--and that photo of Raia in the steamshovel is a delight! Much love...

Anonymous said...

God is good indeed.

BabaJulie said...

You can be sure that Jaan, Raia and all of the children will have a wonderful time in this place!! What a great blessing! Love!