Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flowers and more

They're still not here, but they're coming! (The flowers, that is.) I think my daffodils will be okay. The snow has melted back to reveal part of the bigger flower bed, and the tiny green points we saw in January look just the same, not too frozen! And do you remember the flower I asked about last year? I found seeds and bought them yesterday. (That's the photo above.) Now we can plant them and have some of our own. We have daisies and asters sprouting in our window sills already.

The weather is beautiful. Things are drying up much faster than I remember from other years. Or maybe the snow is melting more slowly.

Yesterday we cleaned up trash. Now I'm trying to teach Raia that she really doesn't have to put every vodka bottle she sees into a bag and carry it off.

Jaan's thrilled to be able to ride his tricycle again.

I could keep going, but I need to get some teeth brushed and some little ones headed to bed.


Lindy Johnson said...

They are Dahlias! I used a translation page to read the package. I saw a robin today when driving to my meeting in southern Vermont. Spring must be coming but we still have more than a foot of snow on the ground at our house.

BabaJulie said...

Wow! Lindy needs to come to NC and see our daffodils, flowering plums, Bradford pears, all the trees beginning to leaf out, tulips and dogwoods!! We are so blessed to be in such a colorful area of the country!! (Snow has it's own beauty,however, that we don't often get to enjoy!!) And,I agree! The flowers looks like Dahlias! Love you all!

Loving Life said...

Those are going to be so pretty!
Come visit my blog and see what's popped up in my yard (maybe even tell me what they are??? :)lol)
I'll learn one of these days!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Lindy, as soon as I saw the scientific name on the seed package, I wanted to email you and let you know that you and your friend were right last year! :-)

The info says that they're like annuals here, but I don't think that's true. Now I'm waiting to see if our neighbor's dahlias come up again.