Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunshine! and kid quotes

Raia and her leaf
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We had a wonderful walk this morning! The sun was shining, and Will went with us. Raia found a leaf, and she was fascinated. She even threw down her beloved stick, so that she could carry her leaf the rest of the way. It wasn't a new one--those will be coming soon--but it shows that the snow is melting away.

These days, when we walk outside Raia keeps up a constant commentary, identifying everything she sees: "грязь" (mud), "лёд" (ice), "кака" (self-explanitory ). Soon she'll be able to add grass, leaves, and flowers!

(Sorry if you can't read Russian. The next part doesn't translate well.)

Не давно Ян хотел кушать банан. Вилл спросил "Целый или половину?"
Ян: "Silly? Silly банан?"
Вилл: "Нет, я сказал целый. Целый значит весь банан. А silly -- не серьёзный."
Ян: "Банан не серьёзный, что ли?"


BabaJulie said...

Isn't Spring wonderful? All the flowers are blooming here and the grass is growing (unfortunately it will also need to be mowed soon!). I just LOVE this season! Glad Raia is glorying in the growing things she's seeing already! Love!

Anonymous said...

ha- that's funny. Bananas are quite often portrayed as being a silly fruit(used in jokes,etc.), so it actually kind of makes sense. =-)

BabaJulie said...

Miss Terry and her sister, Pamela, held up a hospital with a banana. Actually, they held captive an elevator full of people in the hospital, hands up in the air - with a banana!! So, yes indeed, bananas can be silly!!!

amazing journeys said...

Jaan, way to go! The last joke was too funny for words! :)