Saturday, March 31, 2007

Home again, home again

We had a wonderful little mini-vacation with the Beairds. At least, the children and I did. Will had to do so much running around, that I'm afraid he didn't get any rest.

Raia and Johanna
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Caleb and Jaan
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The update is that we are going to apply for new religious visas. (Up until now we've had business visas.) Will turned in almost everything to start getting our invitations, which is the first step. Hopefully the last piece will come in this weekend, so that those applications can go in early next week The invitations should take about a month to be completed, then probably two more weeks before we have the finished visas. At that point we'll leave the country and come back on our new visas. I'm listing related prayer requests here.

I have more cute pictures to share, when I have time.


Anonymous said...

It looks like they had a blast! Wish I could be there to play with them too! Miss you! I'll be praying for your visa situation. I think I saw these pictures before mom!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I can't wait for the more cute pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Leetra you did!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phyllis! Out of curiosity, why did you decide now to apply for religious visas??

Phyllis said...

Because we want to stay in Kovrov. Because it's our only choice.

They've refused to register our business visas here for the whole three years that we've lived in Kovrov. We just had an agreement that we'd register in Moscow and no one would bother us. That changed. Locally they're really cracking down on registration and people who are living on visas that don't exactly match what they're doing. (We've heard rumors that it's nationwide.) So, we're praying that we'll get the right visas, and they'll register us here and let us stay.

Mrs said...

Still praying for the visas! How cute to see the kids in "skin" again! They're usually so bundled up. Is it warmer where they live?

Phyllis, which email address did you use? The msn one, or the hotmail one? I was finally able to re-register for your prayer requests and have been receiving them just fine.

Phyllis said...

I have an Earthlink address for you. Could you email me, please? Our address is

Phyllis said...

Oh, and yes, it was a little warmer in Naro-Fominsk. :-)

Thank you for your prayers!

Karen G. said...

I know it's a long way to come, but if you have the means and desire, considered yourselves invited to Krakow (to our home, of course).