Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Post

A photo from this week:

The Singing Men of Texas!

Jaan... finally lost that tooth. And he really lost it. We have no idea when or where. It just disappeared. He noticed on our way out the door to church. There's not much of a hole, because his adult tooth had grown up behind it.


...after the concert in Zaporozhye.
That's how she fell asleep, listening to the new CD from the choir. It was such a typical Raia pose, that I took a photo. Ever since she stopped sucking her finger, she has gone to sleep every night like a solider standing at attention.

Asya... was the only child in our family who managed not to get sick this week. Good for her! I did stop her from eating yogurt after Jaan, because I was worried about her picking up germs that he had left behind. She looked into the yogurt, and said, "Why didn't he eat up all the germs?" (You got a photo of her last week.)

Will... has been researching sound equipment and working on getting speakers for the church here. He went to Zaporozhye, found and ordered what was needed. It should be arriving today or tomorrow.

School this week: We finished Week 8. Jaan is loving Benjamin Franklin, and Raia is doing better with reading just once or twice a week. (She has other activities for her special 15 minutes of school on other days.) We had to take a sick day and skip two music lessons, but that was actually kind of nice for once.

My books: I feel like I miss Kristin Lavransdatter and her family, but I have been preferring Kindle books over that paper book with 1000+ pages. So, it's been George MacDonald and Shakespeare for me this week.

...and knitting: I started over on my October square, just because I liked it so much that I wanted it to be perfect.

A quote:
Not what I think, but what thou [God] art, makes sure.
--George MacDonald, The Diary of an Old Soul

Weather and nature observations: More clear, sunny and beautiful! Although, we have had some rain this week, too. The leaves right around here are mostly fallen, but our trip to Zaporozhye yesterday was still just lovely.

Other news, ministry, notes and miscellaneous from the week: We went to two concerts in one weekend! And I can hardly even remember the last time we went to a concert before this. Saturday night a Christian musician from Kiev was here, right in Dneprorudnoe. We went to his little concert with the church youth. Really, his newer songs are not my style, but I liked the few he sang that I remembered from years ago. Then, last night we traveled to Zaporozhye with the choir from here (which you can hardly call a choir in comparison to what we saw there) to hear "The Singing Men of Texas." We all thoroughly enjoyed that! Well, except for Raia, who said that she would rather have stayed with Alina, and maybe Asya, who was much more fascinated with the chandelier than the music.

On this date in. . . 2005, Will's parents had just left, and we were enjoying a snow day.

Just a few things I'm thankful for...holy experience
  • fun concerts
  • a sick day that turned into a lovely rest day
  • sunshine! (Do I say that every week?)
  • Asya sweetly sleeping in the marshrutka (She's almost too big for that.)
  • Mondays when Will's home and we start into a new week
  • Ambleside Online

My question for you: What is the most beautiful image or place you have seen this week?
(Thanks, Mom, for the question idea!)


Mom said...

Although this past week contained much that was beautiful, I think the most memorable bit of beauty was Isla's spontaneous hugs given to her Grandda as she was sitting on his lap, playing with his two pens.

Love to each of you....

Baba Julie said...

The NC mts, while already waning in color, were still very beautiful! And, the maple tree right outside my own front door is always enough to take your breath away! Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

I can NOT believe the singing men of Texas went to Ukraine! How neat - we went to their concert 2 years ago when we were in TX for my surgery.. kids LOVED it. miss you! Susan

Phyllis said...

Susan, they even sang in Russian!

laura said...

Phyllis--first of all, I get real excited whenever you comment on my blog! Please get a couple from the Ukraine to hire me to photograph their wedding and I'll come visit. Or maybe I will visit anyways and will work on my documentary project for grad school.

As far as beauty this week...every time I come home from work lately, the sun has been casting long shadows on the driveway and front yard and there is the warm light and it's my favorite time of day (although I love the mornings too).

Allie said...

The drive from Lancaster County, PA to Hershey PA was take-your-breath-away gorgeous. The fall leaves were brilliant oranges and yellows, and they hung over the road. The sky was grey and wet, and the trees were black from the rain, making the contrast even sharper (and reminding me of our conversation about how colors are brighter after the rain). It was amazing!